The decimal places need to be identified through "." (dot) not "," (comma).
Yes that is possible. Go to MY ACCOUNT - MY LAST ORDERS, search for the order you want to repeat. Click on DETAILS - REORDER.
If there are order lines you do not want to reorder you can just delete them.
There are several possible reasons:
  1. You did not sign in first to your account or your session has been closed (after 20 Minutes of no activity for safety reasons) and you need to re-sign in.
  2. You configured a variant you never ordered before. In this case there will be a message (in blu, top page) informing you, that this a new product variant you never ordered before. Please proceed with the order, to let our sales team know you want to continue with the configuration as defined. Our sales team will contact you as soon as possible to clarify further details about the new product variant.
  3. There is a technical issue. In this case please contact us immediately: phone +39 0471 610 121 or through the contact form.
Please go to MY ACCOUNT - MY ORDERS and choose the order you need the technical data sheet for. Then click on "DOWNLOAD ORDER". The PDF that will be opened will contain a link to the technical data sheet of each order line (product variant).
To make sure we offer the best service to you we are defining your individual lead times together with you. Your lead times are fixed  and will not be changed on our end. If you order from the HOLZ PICHLER CUSTOMER PLATFORM you will find that the lead times are exactly the ones that have been defined with you.
To do that, please sign in to your account. Create your variant in the product catalog configurator and click on SAVE ON WISHLIST (upper right).
You can configure and save in wishlist as many variants as you want.
Please note that the wishlist will be deleted the moment you order the products you saved in the wishlist.

Wooden slats are massive wood bars without finger joints.
Planed means that a massive wooden bar will be planed after being cut in the sawmill. This process makes sure that surface and edges are clean and smooth.
Pre-Planed means that timber/lumber from the sawmill will be planed before entering the upgrading process in the fingerjointing line. This process ensures that higher quality can be produced by the fingerjointing line.
Precision-Planed means that finger-jointed strips are planed again to achieve dimensional accuracy up to 0,05mm.
Thickness precision class is the level of precision needed for the strips´thickness.
Width precision class is the level of precision needed for the strips´width.
The value HM means that there is dimensional tolerance after planing of +/-0,3mm.
The value HM+ means that ther is dimensional tolerance after planing of +/-0,1 mm.
Abbreviation Wood QualityMeaning
bCorewood without resin and without discoloration
cCorewood (lower quality than b)
dQuality lower than c
+Highest quality of the corresponding class
rRift – cut showing annual rings in angle of 60°-90° to the left side of the bar
fParabolic wood fiber
hLow resin
usiBottom side not considered in the scanning process
IISecond quality
cdQuality between c and d
arSideware with rift-cut
ar-a-arGlued wood made from 3 layers: 1st layer ar, 2nd layer a, 3rd layer ar
O-IVLumber quality level 4

Further Details regarding wood qualities (sorting) can be found here.