Terms of Sale

  1. If no written claim is made within 8 days following the receipt of our written confirmation of the order and/or invoice the acceptance of our conditions of sale will be assumed. 
  2. Payment shall be considered valid, when made to the main office of administration only. 
  3. Shipment of merchandise is made at buyers’ risk, even then, when delivered CPT destination. 
  4. Non-delivery of delayed consignment does not constitute a condition for any compensation claim. 
  5. Claims will be considered only if made in writing 8 days following receipt of merchandise. 
  6. Unauthorised returns will not be accepted. 
  7. In case of delayed payment, the customary interest rates at the time valid in Italy will be applied to the unpaid balance. 
  8. In case off deferred payment, failure to observe and/or delay of one rate or term entitles us to request immediate remittance of the whole remaining sum, independent of terms of payment previously agreed. 
  9. We shall have the right to suspend deliveries, should the financial situation of the purchaser be such as to jeopardize completion of due payment. 
  10. All our merchandise remains our property until all outstanding invoices are paid in full, including merchandise of invoices of foregoing an later consignments. All payment received by the buyer for merchandise sold to a third party are legally due to us until und unless full payment of all our outstanding claims is made. 
  11. No other than the above stated conditions will be considered legally binding, if not especially agreed otherwise in writing. 
  12. The place of jurisdiction is I-Bolzano (BZ). 
  13. Orders must be confirmed by our Company.